Best Buy Camera Buying Guide

Excellent online photography courses. Also, I'm using them to host this site.

Bob Towery

Dore' Vorum

An excellent site for researching photographic equipment.

Jim Indo
Besides being an excellent nature photographer, Jimmy is an outstanding, artistic wedding and portrait photographer.

John Barclay
John is a humble guy. He's an excellent photographer, teacher and all around great guy. I've learned a lot from him.

Luminous Landscape
Good tutorials.

Michel Taupin

My Comcast Website
This is my original website. Although I no longer update this site it still has much of my older work.

National Association of Photoshop Professionals - Great organization for education in Photoshop and other graphic programs.

Skip Atkins

Stan Singer

The Art of Framing
Sok and Mellisa run this framing shop in Jenkintown. If you need anything framed and want it done right, this is the place to go. They're great people and know their business.

The Bucks County Project Gallery
The Bucks County Project Gallery is located at 252 West Ashland Street in Doylestown, right in the heart of Bucks County. Our mission is to give photographers, both local and international, their own forum to exhibit and interact with their community, giving the art of photography its own special place to shine while making it accessible and affordable.

Tony Sweet
"The Legend"

Topaz Software
Great software that I use on many of my images.